Sterling File Gateway

Complete Guide To Install and Configure Sterling File Gateway on IBM Cloud.

This complete guide is compiled from multiple sources and guide published by multiple authors.

Pre-requisites - Git Hub Org

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud cluster with GitOps Configuration

GitOps & ArgoCD

Now we start building the Github repos and installing ArgoCD and GitOps and there is a great step by step guide that we can follow here instead of listing every steps that is listed in the guide.

Please follow the steps in this guide.

GitOps Configuration and Deploying Sterling File Gateway

Also here, we will follow another guide, but we will stop before you commit any change it GitHub because we have to make some different modifications to our repositories before we do our first commit and apply our changes to ArgoCD.

Please follow this guide.

*Remember to stop once you get to the first Github commit statement and start the next section –> Deploy Sterling File Gateway

Deploy Sterling File Gateway

All the details in my guide are steps followed from this guide.

Helm Chart Values Modifications

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